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  • Architectural Parking Garage Light
  • Architectural Parking Garage Light
  • Architectural Parking Garage Light
  • Architectural Parking Garage Light
Architectural Parking Garage LightArchitectural Parking Garage LightArchitectural Parking Garage LightArchitectural Parking Garage Light

Architectural Parking Garage Light

  • watt: 40w - 150w
  • Efficiency: 130 Lumen/w
  • Voltage: 120-277V/480V
  • CCT & Watt tunable
  • Product description: Architectural Parking Garage Light

CPT08A Series Pendant & Surface Mount Parking Garage Luminaires provide a wealth of options for mounting and design styles. Pendant versions attach to a 3/4″ rigid stem and can be customized with a decorative shroud that matches the luminaire housing through paint or adds a translucent touch for uplighting. There’s also the choice of incorporating uplighting at either 5% or 10%. Surface/Direct mount versions come with a practical hinged 16ga galvanized mounting bracket, ensuring easy installation and maintenance on both horizontal surfaces and 4″ junction boxes.

this parking garage light luminaires feature a generously sized lens filled with a densely packed array of LEDs, guaranteeing top-notch performance using high-efficiency LEDs and delivering accurate IES distributions. For enhanced visual comfort, you can opt for a diffuse lens. They are available in CKRA’s standard painting finishes, offering a selection of four options, and can also be customized with colors to match your specific design preferences.




Dark Bronze, Black, White, Custom Color

Part Number





40W 60W 80W, 40-60-80W Power and CCT selectable

Lumen Efficacy


Product Details


  • Rugged die-cast aluminum housing.

  • Architecturally pleasing with no visible electronics, hardware, or seams from ground level.

  • The diffused lens version provides maximum visual comfort with reduced brightness and LED pixelization.

  • Available in 5000K, 4000K, 3500K, 3000K, and 2700K color temperatures per ANSI C78.377. Also available in Phosphor Converted Amber with Peak intensity at 610nm.

  • External Shield available for field installation.
  • Equivalent up to 500 Watt Metal Halide or High-pressure sodium fixture.

  • ETL wet location listed and DLC Premium qualified.
  • The driver is fully encased in potting material for moisture resistance and complies with FCC standards. Driver and key electronic components can easily be accessed by pushing only one buckle.
  • Type IV V optics produce a round distribution which is perfect for parking garages.

Product Series Wattage Color Temp Voltage Mount Distribution Options Finish
LED Parking Garage Light Series 040=40W 30K=3000K UL=120-277V SM= Surface Mount T5=Type 5 MS=Motion Sensor BZ=Dark Bronze
CPT08A 060=60W 40K=4000K UM=120-347V PM= Pendant Mount  T4=Type 4 PC=Photocell WH=White
080=80W 50K=5000K UH=347-480V S=SPD BK=Black
PS1=40-60-80W CCT=3/4/5000K N=Blank GY=Grey
CC= Custom Color

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