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Led wall washer principle
Jul 22, 2016

LED wash Wall lamp of due to volume compared big, thermal aspects compared good, so in design aspects also greatly reduced has difficulty, but in actual application in the, also will appeared constant flow drive do have not too good, appeared damaged of also many, so how let wash Wall lamp can better of run, focus on put in control and drive aspects, control and drive aspects, with to learning about LED constant flow device. Related to the high-power LED products, are brought to the constant current driver, what about what LED constant current drive? Regardless of load size., LED constant-current circuit is called LED constant current drive. If wall lights with a 1W LED, often 350MA LED constant current driver, LED constant current drive is designed to improve led lifetime and lumen. Constant-current source for the selection is based on the efficiency and stability of possible high efficiency constant current source, which can reduce energy consumption and temperature.

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